10th Class Result Date 2023 BISE Lahore Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore (BISE Lahore) has announced that the 10th class result for the academic year 2023 will be announced on 31st July 2023 at 10:00 AM. The exams were conducted in April 2023, and the results will be available online on the BISE Lahore website. 10th Class Result Date 2023 Lahore Board on this site globesthing.com

Headline10th Class Result Date 2023 Lahore Board
Date31st July 2023
Time10:00 AM
BoardBoard of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore (BISE Lahore)
Exams10th class exams for the academic year 2023
AvailabilityOnline on the BISE Lahore website and through SMS
Passing Marks33% in each subject
Supplementary ExamsHeld in September 2023
Position HoldersAnnounced on 30th July 2023
AwardsPrizes and medals
How to Check ResultsOnline or by SMS
Good Luck!To all students who appeared in the 10th class exams

Students can check their results by entering their roll number and date of birth. The results will also be available through SMS. To check your result by SMS, send your roll number to 8000295.


The 10th class results hold immense importance in a student’s academic journey. It serves as a defining moment, marking the culmination of their years of hard work and dedication. These results not only reflect their academic performance but also shape their future educational and career choices.

The BISE Lahore Board, known for its credibility and accuracy, plays a vital role in the announcement and compilation of the 10th class results. Adhering to strict protocols, the board ensures fair evaluations and maintains the trust of students, parents, and educational institutions more information on this site globesthing.com

How to Check Your Result

There are two ways to check your 10th class result for the year 2023:


  • Go to the BISE Lahore website.
  • Click on the “Result” tab.
  • Enter your roll number and date of birth.
  • Click on “Submit”.


  • Send your roll number to 80029.
  • You will receive a text message with your result.

Important Dates

  • Result Date: July 31, 2023
  • Position Holders Ceremony: July 30, 2023
  • Supplementary Examinations: August 1 to 15, 2023

Contact Information

  • Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore
  • Address: 11-B, Ferozpur Road, Lahore
  • Phone: +92-42-99200460
  • Website: www.biselahore.com

Understanding BISE Lahore Board

Overview of BISE Lahore Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore is one of the leading educational boards in Pakistan. Established in 1954, it aims to promote educational excellence and ensure transparency in the examination system. The board’s jurisdiction covers several districts, including Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana Sahib.

Functions and Responsibilities of BISE Lahore

BISE Lahore Board performs a wide range of functions to ensure the smooth conduct of examinations and result compilation. These include registration of students, issuance of roll numbers, appointment of examiners, setting examination standards, and conducting exams in a fair and transparent manner.

Examination System

The examination system of BISE Lahore entails a comprehensive evaluation process that tests students’ knowledge, understanding, and application of various subjects. The board follows a well-structured and standardized examination format, designed to assess the capabilities and academic competence of students.

10th Class Examinations

Insights into 10th-Class Examinations

The 10th-class examinations serve as a significant milestone in a student’s educational journey. These exams measure the student’s understanding and proficiency in various subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies. The results obtained in these exams determine their eligibility for further studies and future endeavors.

Subjects included in the 10th Class syllabus

The 10th class syllabus encompasses a wide range of subjects, ensuring the holistic development of students. It typically includes Mathematics, English, Urdu, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Islamic Studies, and Pakistan Studies. These subjects provide students with a strong foundation in different disciplines, enabling them to explore their academic potential.

Examination format and marking scheme

The 10th-class examinations conducted by BISE Lahore follow a standardized format. The exams are divided into theoretical and practical components, with each subject allotted a specific weightage. The marking scheme involves the assessment of students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Examiners evaluate the answer scripts using a predetermined rubric, ensuring fairness and consistency in the marking process.

Process of Result Compilation

Evaluation process after the exams

After the completion of the 10th class exams, the result compilation process commences. This involves the collection and assessment of answer scripts from examination centers across the jurisdiction of BISE Lahore. The board undertakes extensive measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the evaluated answer scripts.

Paper checking and marking

The process of paper checking and marking requires utmost attention and accuracy. Experienced examiners, selected by BISE Lahore, meticulously evaluate the answer scripts using the provided marking scheme. Each question is assessed based on its content, coherence, and conformity to the expected answer.

Role of examiners and subject experts

Examiners, who are subject experts in their respective domains, play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the evaluation process. Their expertise and knowledge contribute to fair and accurate assessments. The role of subject experts is pivotal in ensuring that students’ performance is correctly evaluated, providing them with the grades they deserve.

Announcement of 10th Class Result Date

Historical significance of result dates

The announcement of the 10th class result date holds immense significance for students, parents, and educational institutions. It marks the culmination of anticipation and anxiety among students, while also becoming a moment of celebration and reflection on their academic journey.

Factors influencing the decision

Several factors influence the decision regarding the announcement of the 10th class result date. These include the completion of the evaluation process, coordination with educational institutions for result dissemination, and adherence to predefined timelines.

Official announcement

The official announcement of the 10th class result date is made by BISE Lahore Board through various communication channels. It ensures that students and other stakeholders are aware of the final date and can prepare accordingly. The official announcement is crucial in facilitating a smooth and organized result declaration process.

Preparations for Result Day

Student anticipation and nervousness

As the result day approaches, students experience a mix of anticipation and nervousness. It represents a turning point in their academic journey, shaping their future aspirations. Students eagerly await their results, hoping for favorable outcomes that reflect their efforts.

Importance of prior planning by schools and educational institutions

Educational institutions play a vital role in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. They plan and organize resource allocations, such as result gazettes and online result portals. Adequate infrastructure and IT support are provided to cater to the increased traffic on the day of the result declaration.

Arrangements made by BISE Lahore

BISE Lahore makes extensive arrangements to handle the result day process efficiently. Adequate staff is deployed to manage the influx of queries and facilitate result checking. The board communicates with educational institutions to ensure seamless access to results by students.

Accessing Results

Different result-checking methods

Stakeholders can check the 10th-class results through various methods, including online result portals, mobile apps, and SMS-based services. These methods provide convenience and accessibility to students, allowing them to promptly access their results.

Online result portals and official website

BISE Lahore maintains an official website and online result portals where students can check their results by entering their roll numbers. These portals are designed to provide accurate and reliable information to students in a user-friendly format.

Mobile apps for result checking

To cater to the increasing demand for result accessibility, BISE Lahore has introduced mobile apps to facilitate result checking. These apps provide a convenient platform for students to access their results on their smartphones, ensuring ease of use and prompt notification.

Result Day Celebrations

Excitement among students, teachers, and parents

Result day brings forth a wave of excitement and jubilation among students, teachers, and parents. It is a moment of pride and accomplishment, as students’ hard work is recognized and celebrated. The positive and encouraging atmosphere fosters a sense of motivation and determination among students.

Social media trends, memes, and user reactions

Result days also witness an array of social media trends, memes, and user reactions. Students, in their enthusiasm, take to social media platforms to share their results and experiences. Memes and humorous anecdotes related to the result day become viral, adding an element of fun and relatability to the event.

Celebratory events by schools and organizations

Schools and educational organizations often organize celebratory events to acknowledge the achievements of students. These events serve as a platform to honor the top position holders, who become an inspiration for their peers. Celebrations and prize distributions further boost the morale and confidence of students.

Analysis of Result Statistics

Overall pass rates and trends

The analysis of result statistics provides insights into the overall pass rates and trends among 10th-class students. It highlights the collective performance of students, indicating the effectiveness of the education system and the efforts put in by students, teachers, and educational institutions.

Comparison with the previous year’s results

By comparing the current year’s results with the previous year’s results, valuable trends and patterns can be observed. This comparison helps identify improvements or challenges faced by students. It also assists in devising strategies for educational reform and improvement.

Gender-wise performance analysis

A gender-wise performance analysis of the 10th class results sheds light on the performance disparities, if any, between male and female students. This analysis helps address any potential gender-based educational gaps and provides insights into creating equal opportunities for all.

Rewards and Recognition

Top position holders and their achievements

The announcement of the 10th class results brings forth the achievements of top position holders. These exceptional students are recognized and rewarded for their outstanding performance. The top position holders become a source of inspiration and encouragement for their peers.

Scholarships and awards granted by government and private entities

Top performers in the 10th class examinations are often eligible for various scholarships and awards granted by the government and private entities. These scholarships and awards aim to encourage academic excellence and provide financial support to deserving students, enabling them to pursue higher education.

Success stories and inspirational examples

The achievements of 10th-class high scorers inspire countless others. Success stories, often shared through various mediums, motivate students to work harder and aim higher. These examples remind students that with dedication and perseverance, they too can accomplish their goals.

Addressing Discrepancies and Rechecking

Procedures for rechecking and reevaluation

In case of result discrepancies or dissatisfaction with the assigned grades, students have the option to avail of rechecking and reevaluation procedures. BISE Lahore provides specific guidelines and deadlines for students seeking rechecking of their answer scripts.

Timeframe for submitting requests

To ensure fairness and transparency, BISE Lahore stipulates a specific timeframe for students to submit their rechecking requests. Students must adhere to this timeline to initiate the rechecking process.

Impact and success rates of rechecking

The rechecking process can potentially impact the overall result of a student. It provides a chance for review and reassessment of the answer scripts, leading to possible grade modifications. The success rates of rechecking requests vary, with some students witnessing positive outcomes while others may not experience significant changes.

Guidance for Future Endeavors

Importance of career counseling and guidance

Following the announcement of the 10th class results, students face crucial decisions related to their future academic and career paths. The significance of career counseling and guidance becomes paramount at this stage, as it helps students make informed choices aligning with their interests and aptitudes.

Career choices based on 10th Class results

The 10th class results play a pivotal role in shaping students’ career choices. The grades obtained in different subjects influence the selection of the field of study and potential career opportunities. Students often opt for subjects in which they have excelled or shown a keen interest.

Supporting programs for students

To facilitate students in making informed decisions, several supporting programs are available. These programs include career guidance sessions, aptitude tests, and counseling services, which assist students in exploring different career options and making well-informed choices.

When will the 10th class result 2023 for BISE Lahore be announced?

The 10th class result 2023 for BISE Lahore will be announced on July 31, 2023 at 10:00 AM.

What is the passing percentage for BISE Lahore?

The passing percentage for BISE Lahore is 33% in 2023. This means that a student must score at least 33% of the total marks in order to pass the exam.

What is the last date for BISE Lahore 10th admission 2023?

The last date for BISE Lahore 10th admission 2023 is August 19, 2023.
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Here are some additional tips for checking your 10th class result 2023 for BISE Lahore:
Make sure you have your roll number and date of birth handy.
Be patient, as the website may be busy on the day of the result announcement.
If you have any problems checking your result online, you can contact the BISE Lahore helpline at 042-35922273.
I wish you all the best for your results!